Podcasts I listen to: The GigaOm Show

I’ve done a couple posts on websites I regularly visit and i hope that will continue as I get back into writing things beyond the links I find each day as my posts.

Since I have a 1 hour commute each way to work and back I’ve gotten more active in listening to podcasts. Active sound through podcasts actually also helps me fall asleep at night – this allows me to go to sleep without wasting energy by putting in a movie to fall asleep to.

The problem that some of you podcasts listeners at there have doubtlessly run across is the fact that some podcasts do not actively update regularly enough to fill in your normal listening schedule. Since I’m not l33t enough – ok I’m too cheap – to have a video iPod I normally just listen to MP3 versions. So this limits some of what I’ll review over time.

For example the video version of Diggnation gains little over the mp3 version – but the experience is still more enjoyable. So last night I was doing my normal what to add to the iPod from the iTunes store today podcast search (btw Defcon and Blackhat sessions are now on iTunes) and this one I ran across – GigaOm by Revision3 (also the creators of Diggnation).

GigaOm is a tech podcast – that I can say is kinda of like Diggnation without Kevin and Alex. You get a mild chemistry between the hosts – but it’s not as flat-out Gen-X lovable without Kevin and Alex. That being said by the time I get home tonight I’ll be through all the episodes.

GigaOm is originally a tech blog (here) and this podcast goes through the top 5 stories of the week and interviews some of the movers and shakers of the “Web World”. I can say if you enjoy twit or some of revision3’s other outings I would give this one a shake.

I’ve included the latest episode for your viewing pleasure.


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