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Backlash Comparison: Who’s Nuttier, Apple Fanatics or Ron Paul Enthusiasts? | Threat Level from Wired.com

Posted: 06 Nov 2007 03:36 PM CST

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Posted: 06 Nov 2007 03:32 PM CST

Cops can take your PC without turning it off. [Digg]

Posted: 06 Nov 2007 02:49 PM CST

With this box, you can move a PC without turning it off.

University of Texas begins game collection for video game studios degree

Posted: 06 Nov 2007 02:41 PM CST

Why I will never EVER use Cingular/AT&T EVER again – Vox

Posted: 06 Nov 2007 02:33 PM CST

College Students Accused of Torturing Man With Freshly Baked Cookies [Digg]

Posted: 06 Nov 2007 11:50 AM CST

Two Southern Illinois University students kidnapped, paddled and burned a young man with freshly baked cookies after a drug deal. Too Funny

More Apple Tablet PC Rumors Hit the Surface [Digg]

Posted: 06 Nov 2007 10:22 AM CST

We first heard rumors of an Apple tablet PC back in September. Now, that rumor has apparently been confirmed by Asus, Apple’s contract manufacturer. Crave reports that Asus will be manufacturing a tablet PC based on the same multi-touch technology of the iPhone/iTouch, as previously reported. Asus already manufactures iBooks, PowerBooks and MacBook

Apple Working on Tablet? [Digg]

Posted: 06 Nov 2007 10:20 AM CST

One of Apple’s contract manufacturers, Asus, is working on a Mac tablet, according to the Crave blog. It is not clear if this is going to be a major product, when it will be available, or whether this is just a prototype for now.

HTC Omni = Google Dream? [Digg]

Posted: 06 Nov 2007 08:05 AM CST

C’mon, you knew this was coming. Not a moment after Google does its big reveal on the Android OS and forthcoming multi-manufacturer GPhone, the rumor mill has already starting churning with wild imaginings and fantastic leaps of logic.

Why Apple will be bigger than Google [Digg]

Posted: 06 Nov 2007 07:44 AM CST

Apple knows how to design not just gadgets, but the businesses that go around them. And as a result, I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple is worth more than Google within two years.

Ron Paul sets record $4.2 million in 24 hours. [Digg]

Posted: 06 Nov 2007 02:45 AM CST

WOW, $4.2 million in 24 hours!!! Dr. Ron Paul has well surpassed the grassroots goal of two million dollars. Rep. Paul has drawn millions with his message of liberty, and refrain from empire building. The message of non-intervention, secure borders, no entangling alliances, no income tax, ending the war on drugs, and liberty is rapidly spreading.

The Jones Soda Experiment (Rare Jones Sodas Reviewed) [Digg]

Posted: 06 Nov 2007 12:27 AM CST

See what happens when the finest soda in the world gets reviewed by one of the best comedic writers on the planet.

The Best XBox Games Under $10 Each [Digg]

Posted: 05 Nov 2007 08:07 PM CST

When a console has so many popular classics in their library, it’s amazing how many top-notch games you can find between $3-10 (including shipping) online. Racketboy gives a extensive list of the best values on the original XBox. (And many are playable on the XBox 360)

Sam and Max: Abe Lincoln Must Die Now Available for Free [Digg]

Posted: 05 Nov 2007 05:32 PM CST

To promote the premiere episode of Sam and Max Season Two, “Ice Station Santa,” TellTale Games has re-released one episode from last season completely free of charge. The fourth episode from Season One, “Abe Lincoln Must Die,” is the fan-favorite of all the episodes so far. The clever humor and writing alone make this a must-play. Download it here

Comcast’s Bittorrent Filtering: Phase Two Unveiled [Digg]

Posted: 05 Nov 2007 03:23 PM CST

A serious look at the future of Comcast’s Bittorrent filtering policy… Be afraid, be very afraid.

Wedding Hilarity – Photo Contest Winners [PICS] [Digg]

Posted: 05 Nov 2007 01:38 PM CST

Definitely not your average pics. These are from the best photographers in the US.

New World Record Holder Beats Pisa for ‘Most Lopsided Building’ [w/pic] [Digg]

Posted: 05 Nov 2007 12:56 PM CST

A German church steeple has knocked the leaning tower of Pisa from the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s most lopsided building. Guinness Book of Records confirmed the award after officials measured it leaning at a 5.19 degree angle compared to only 3.97 degree angle at which the tower of Pisa leans.

Protect Your Car by Making it too Ugly to Steal [w/pics] [Digg]

Posted: 05 Nov 2007 12:28 PM CST

An entertaining combination of art and practicality: These rust and scratch stickers are designed to make your beautiful bike/car look rusted and scratched so that passing thieves assume it’s not worth stealing due to its apparent shabbyness.

10 Ways To Get More Done In Less Time [Digg]

Posted: 05 Nov 2007 12:28 PM CST

Web entrepreneurs, especially those who work outside the confines of the traditional workspace, often have trouble managing their time. This article proves 10 time-tested methods to get more work done than before AND free up the time we tend to ‘borrow’ from outside our work schedule.

9 creative staircases [Digg]

Posted: 05 Nov 2007 11:33 AM CST

stairs are generally pretty boring.don’t get me wrong: if the staircase gets me from one level to another, it’s succeeded as a design. i just wish they were a bit more exciting.here are a few examples that might actually keep me amused for a few minutes before i realise i’m wheezing.

The 5 Best and Worst Science Based Movies of All Time [Digg]

Posted: 05 Nov 2007 11:21 AM CST

Picking the best and worst of anything will get you a lot of grief. So we applaud Sidney Perkowitz, an Emory University physics professor, for his courage in choosing the best and worst science-based movies of all time. Of course, we are outraged he didn’t include all our favorites among his top five.

50 Greatest Game Design Innovations [Digg]

Posted: 05 Nov 2007 11:14 AM CST

From gameplay, to presentation to input devices, videogames are a hotbed of innovation. Ernest Adams notes 50 game design innovations, some that have already made their impact, and others that will shape the future of the medium…

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