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PIRATE Act dons eye patch, swashbuckles back into Senate [Digg]

Posted: 08 Nov 2007 02:45 PM CST

The PIRATE Act is back, and its backers hope to get the government involved in filing civil suits against copyright infringers.

Steroid bust shows Feds can still get at “private” and “secure” e-mail [Digg]

Posted: 08 Nov 2007 12:50 PM CST

Federal agents were able to get access to an alleged steroid dealer’s e-mail, despite the fact that his account was with the secure Hushmail service. Chalk this one up to ordinary impatience.

“Set the Data Free” [Digg]

Posted: 08 Nov 2007 12:46 PM CST

Here’s as very good point…

via www.argonia-station.com

Posted: 08 Nov 2007 08:31 AM CST

via i93.photobucket.com

Posted: 08 Nov 2007 08:31 AM CST

Hushmail Offers Feds a Peek at Users’ Data [Digg]

Posted: 08 Nov 2007 08:04 AM CST

We all know that it’s not a brilliant idea to store your mail on Yahoo’s servers if you’re concerned about the government peeking at the data. Hushmail, however, has built a reputation on being a provider for encrypted web-based email. On their website, they say “not even a Hushmail employee with access to our servers can read your encrypted e-mail

via www.news.com.au

Posted: 08 Nov 2007 08:00 AM CST

could care less

Posted: 08 Nov 2007 08:00 AM CST

Lion cuties line up for crown | The Daily Telegraph

Posted: 08 Nov 2007 07:59 AM CST

Bye Bye Vinyl Records —-Here Comes the Vinyl CD [Digg]

Posted: 07 Nov 2007 07:12 PM CST

Place a VinylDisc on your turntable, drop the needle at the start of the track, and you’ll hear up to 3.5 minutes of music at 33 RPM. The first Vinyl CD’s have been released and are starting to get popular. This will be interesting to see if DJ’s pick up some of these bad boys.

Social Networks Mania [Digg]

Posted: 07 Nov 2007 02:22 PM CST

In the light of all the debate between facebook and Google’s opensocial catching the headlines almost everywhere, I thought that it might be a good idea to make light of the whole thing and have a few light moments. This is a vision of what can happen if social networks become really open and all companies pounce on it.

How to Learn (But Not Master) Any Language in 1 Hour [Digg]

Posted: 07 Nov 2007 09:53 AM CST

Secrets Unlocked to learning new languages

Pictures: A 30-Year History of Video Games [Digg]

Posted: 06 Nov 2007 07:00 PM CST

After decades of painstakingly collecting video games and consoles, I’ve finally decided to part with my entire collection. From Atari to PlayStation 2, there’s something for everybody in this collection. Even the unbelievably rare games are included.

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