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Ron Paul “Absolutely” Opposes National ID [Digg]

Posted: 09 Dec 2007 07:47 PM CST

Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani said he would impose a real and a virtual, technical fence at the U.S.-Mexican border using a “tamper proof” identity card.That prompted a retort from Ron Paul, who said that would lead to a national identification card for all Americans “which I absolutely oppose.”

Break That Warranty Sticker: ASUS Says It’s OK! (Eee PC) [Digg]

Posted: 09 Dec 2007 06:40 PM CST

ASUS released a press release yesterday clarifying their position on the yellow “Warranty void if removed” sticker on the bottom of the Eee PC devices that covers the RAM slot

Top 10 Worst Computer Worms of All Time [Digg]

Posted: 09 Dec 2007 06:36 PM CST

The Internet is an Internet lover’s paradise, a gamer’s haven, a business’s lifeline, and a hacker’s playground. Over the past two decades, hundreds of worms have devastated the infrastructure of millions of computers around the world, causing billions of dollars of damage-and the life of the worm is far from over.

Weekend Humor – Macworld Bloopers [Digg]

Posted: 09 Dec 2007 05:06 PM CST

Hilarious look at 10 years of Macworld bloopers. What? You didn’t think that Steve Jobs was born the amazing presenter that he is now? It took some trials and lots of hilarious errors.

CNBC Took down the polls with Ron Paul having 80% [Digg]

Posted: 08 Dec 2007 04:06 PM CST

There’s a huge Ron Paul supporter in my office. The day after the Republican debates he came in ranting about a public opinion poll that CNBC had pulled from their site after Ron Paul won with a substantial lead. He claimed that the online results showed 75% of those who voted believed that Ron Paul had won the debate.

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