Pseudo Live

January 4, 2008

by — Posted in Personal Writing

Pseudo lives are the ones we live when we want to give the appearance of an existence.   We do not always truly exists.   Sometimes life just happens in the shadows.   The periphery of life that no one really notices.  This only truly becomes a problem when we don’t notice it happening to ourselves.

We live mundane average lives that only go on to maintain.   Maintain a level of comfort to which we are accustomed to.  Maintain the level of expectations that others have for you.   Rarely do we  work to exceed expectations.  When we do the the results are normally amazing, but most people don’t realize this and go back into the shadows.

Existing for ourselves is the first change we need to make first and foremost.   The normality of life makes some of us believe our actions, words, and thoughts are unimportant.   They are not.   Each individual has at least a bit of life to extend to another person.   We need to get out the rut of daily activies that just hold us down and embrace the uniqueness that exists in each of us.

The psuedo life is a reality but we need to start living more of the real life instead of the false reality we call life.

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