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January 4, 2008

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Daily Web Wandering Dump

Web Wandering Dump

Male Monkeys ‘Pay’ Females for Sex, Study Finds [del.icio.us]

Posted: 03 Jan 2008 09:29 PM CST


5 tips every new Linux user should know [Digg]

Posted: 03 Jan 2008 12:47 PM CST

We’ve been thinking about what we most wished we’d been told on our first foray into Linux-land. These tips run the gamut from installation planning to how to best ask for help. We chose these tips because they are not distribution-specific, but rather general enough to be used by any new Linux user.

How to surf the web even if Internet Explorer is disabled [Digg]

Posted: 03 Jan 2008 12:19 PM CST

Crazy trick on how to use the Help function from basic Windows programs to surf the internets.

Why Facebook will never give your data back [Digg]

Posted: 03 Jan 2008 10:54 AM CST

Facebook won’t join Open Social, and you can forget about the pipe dreams of the Data Portability movement. The simple fact is, as the market leader, there is no benefit for or strategic advantage in Facebook making your data available to you in any format you wish.

TSA To Punish Fliers For “Facecrimes” [Digg]

Posted: 03 Jan 2008 09:29 AM CST

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screeners are learning to recognize a special set of forbidden facial expressions. If your face slips into one of these during a TSA inspection, you will be taken aside and given a more detailed screening

Top 50 Design Posts of 2007 [Digg]

Posted: 03 Jan 2008 08:32 AM CST

Superb reference posts on what happened in the design year of 2007, covering everything from the basic principles of design, via typography and colour to advanced design tips & tricks.Highly recommended!

Third Reich Fortune 500: 5 Popular Brands the Nazis Gave Us [Digg]

Posted: 03 Jan 2008 07:41 AM CST

You know who else liked popular brands?

IPv6: coming to a root server near you [Digg]

Posted: 03 Jan 2008 12:18 AM CST

On February 4, 2008, ICANN will add IPv6 addresses for four root DNS servers to the root zone file, making full IPv6 Internet connections a reality. Time to check that DNS software and those firewalls to avoid any possible trouble.

Ohio Election Workers Sentenced to 18 Months for Rigging 200 [Digg]

Posted: 02 Jan 2008 11:17 PM CST

Judge Says He Believes the Conspiracy Goes Higher…

The Politico: Fred Thompson may drop out [Digg]

Posted: 02 Jan 2008 10:22 PM CST

GOP sources say a poor finish in Iowa may cause him to give up and endorse John McCain.

Creator of First Computer Virus to Take On Google [Digg]

Posted: 02 Jan 2008 09:58 PM CST

Rich Skrenta, who created the first computer virus (Elk Cloner), co-founded the Open Directory Project, and co-founded online news site Topix, may have bitten off the biggest challenge of his career – taking on Google. In search.

All the Evidence You Need to Impeach Bush and Cheney [Digg]

Posted: 02 Jan 2008 09:42 PM CST

The past year has seen the public exposure of enough evidence of old, ongoing, and new crimes, abuses of power, and impeachable offenses by George Bush and Dick Cheney that in any remotely representative democracy, these two thugs would be out of office and behind bars. Here’s the evidence and why we should continue to push for impeachment.

Questions to Consider in the Coming Privacy Wars [Digg]

Posted: 02 Jan 2008 07:40 PM CST

It seems obvious that privacy is going to be a major point of contention in the near-term future. It’s only going to get hotter as major online services compile huge amounts of data about us. There are a lot of “little questions” that we need to engage with as soon as possible. Here’s my list of important questions, what’s on yours?

Sears: Come see the softer side of spyware [Digg]

Posted: 02 Jan 2008 06:16 PM CST

When you join an online “community,” are you joining so that you can interact with like-minded users, or so that companies can track your every move on the Internet? Sears is banking on the latter, despite heavy criticism from security researchers.

couple banned from shopping center for photoing grandkids [Digg]

Posted: 02 Jan 2008 12:41 PM CST

for taking a photoraph of their grandkids in a shopping center the security “police” have banned them for life. sure this happened in the UK, but “authorities” here in the US want to play the same way, this is totally outrageous!

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