Perception is reality

January 6, 2008

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This is a response to Randall’s blog entry on MySpace titled Perception is reality 

Perception is reality, but that statement in and of itself can be deep or petty.   To others around us the perception of who we are is truly their reality.   Whether it be because of things we do while being around them, or the actions we perform.  That does not conclusively make us who we are or the reality of our being.

We can assume like you did that the car crash was meant to happen, but that truly was coincidence, but that does not mean their wasn’t truth in the reality that you saw after the fact.     This is the deepness in that statement that exists.

The shallowness is the stereotypes that people around you see you as.  They do not take the time to see who you truly are so they have a warped or partial reality of who you really.   While we can assume that  this is their loss, you are perceiving and inter-acting with them on the same level.  You are then missing out on them as much as they are missing out on you.

Whether this all truly matters goes back to the core statement, perception is reality.   Does your perception of this truly matter?   Does it alter your reality or make your reality seem less then it truly is?   It is your perception, but are you perceiving every part about it that you should.

These ironically are only statements that each individual can make for themselves.   The depth and need of how far perception needs to alter reality or vice versa is something that only the individual can answer.

Some people drop out of reality and interaction of those around them.   Since we no longer perceive them and they live in an altered mental state which warps their perception, do they truly exist?   Is their reality warped beyond any form of interacting with actual reality?

Unfortunately their is never a true answer to reality because it’s all based on perception.

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