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January 21, 2008

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While you may be read this from one of several sites or feeds, the homepage for this post is at Why is that important to know? All in all I guess it isn’t. Pages on the web are fleeting and data unfortunately is not forever. I am about to work on a web site with a series of friends and want to document this experience.

For those that have read me regularly on my home site, you know I aggregate all of my data there, so my posts form here will be available. I also have this going to a blogspot site. Hoping to raise awareness and optimize myself.

Why did I start “Journey to Get Paid”?

I wanted to document and see what it takes to be a paid blogger. I know a couple and while I may ask for them advice as I go along, I’m basically starting at square one at this time. I know very little about SEO, though some of my pages rank very high in search engines. I know next to nothing at this second on getting paid to blog. This sucks for me, but will be great for you.

I’m going to record the options that work and the ones that don’t. I’m going to help you, and I hope you help me to chase this dream. Most sites that start out blogs of this type are trying to sell you something. I’m not here to sell an e-book or program. If I ever do it will be a compilation of posts which regular readers can get for free. While I want to get paid, I’m not working on working unfairly off the backs of others. This means if I find something from another blog that I’m trying I will link to the original article. I will fairly give credit where credit is due.

Things I’m not going to do is to pay for SEO services or any traffic generators. This site costs me $5.95 a month in hosting and 6.95 a year for domain registration. For the moment I think that is truly enough cash outlay for the blog until I get something back from it. Further monetary investment will wait until makes it a decent monthly profit.

I do have a day job thankfully, which means at this point in time I can’t blog and research 24×7, though I would love to. The crux of that goal is what journey to get paid is all about. I do have designs for other web services which may or may not ever to get off the ground. While I would love to try those I’m preferring to write more and more. I would love to be able to live off of blogging if possible.

To fully live off of content creation like I would want I need to work at getting blogging to pay as much as my day job. I also need at least a few months of income saved up. The latter should be easy since if it does start to pay the bills the money will go immediately into expenses first, trying to get the modern american dream or living the way we want and debt free.

I’ll add more information onto this blog as it comes – I’m hoping to add information daily or at least every other day.

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