January 21, 2008

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I opened up my newest online diary that’s targeted,  The whole point of the site is to document the trials and tribulations of becoming a professional blogger.   Will I be able to attain that goal?  Probably not, there is a very good chance that it is a pipe dream.  I would probably make more money registering spam sites based off typos then I would  making money as a professional blogger.   It does come down to the fact that a fellow has to dream.

I have a few more websites that will be launching soon giving me a variety of sites to work with different people and attempt to capture my little slice of pie. is to document them all.   The failures and successes are to be shared with the readers.   Why should I profit without sharing the insight.

I do plan on crossposting all my work on whatever sites I work on back to   My faithful readers will be able to get all of the information always here.   Though it is suggested you go to the other sites so you can keep up with the latest and greatest – also on the sites I’m not going to be alone so on you are only going to get part of the picture.

To read the launch synopsis on Journey to Get Paid go here.

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