Beer – Using the Environment Arguement to Promote Your Alcholism

January 24, 2008

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We were discussing our carbon footprint size over at the SWG Forums, and some had this comment on American consumptionism:

What i find funny is how much excessive packaging we produce.

think about beer…i like thinking about beer.

if you goto a liquor store, you have the option to buy 6 packs and 12 packs……….but also 18 packs, 20 packs…8 oz..12 oz..18 oz…24oz..

like we really need all those options. heres an idea…..if you want a 18 pack….buy a 12 pack and a 6 pack. we dont need all the extra machinery, materials, excessive labor to create 18 packs..20 packs..

and with less material cost to produce that product…..mabey the companies could pay thier employees better , and mabey even lower the cost of beer (WOOHOO).

mabey im just dumb thinking this way……..i dont know.

I was thinking on this and replied this back:

Theoretically a 12 Pack and 6 pack would use the same amount of packaging – actually 6 packs are less ecologically friends because the plastic has a longer bio-degradable time then cardboard and since it requires oil to make plastic much more harmful for the environment.

Going further – it takes less cardboard to create 1 24 pack versus 2 12 packs I believe (marginal but a small difference) even if I’m wrong with that it does take more energy to make the cardboard for 2 12 packs versus 1 24 pack – while at teh very least is just one cutting machine cutting one more piece – it’s still an enviromental impact if you figure in in the energy multiplied by the number of 12 packs produced.

Now since glass is more recyclable and comes from a renewable resources – glass bottles would be much more environmentally friendly and since it takes less energy to make a larger bottle then multiple smaller ones it is better to purchase 40 oz. bottles then 16 oz. bottles.

If you truely want to be enviromentally friendly you would purchase your beer only in a refillable keg – this way you are always re-using the packaging for your product (beer) and not worrying about glass, plastic, aluminum, or cardboard filling up the landfills. Similar to the people that carry canvas bags to the grocery store you would be doing your part to help save teh environment.

And that folks is how you show your wife, friends, and family that your doing your part by buying beer by the keg instead of buy the can. Ironically you will also save money this way also.

BTW – if you homebrew you would have to take into account the amount of energy it takes to drive to teh store and back transporting the same amount of beer that you are brewing since you’ll probably x2 x3 times the amount of energy that the large companies use since they make it in bulk enough that it would be a much smaller carbon impact for them to make the same amount of beer then you can at home.

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I made a second post to follow up the second part of what he had said:

 BTW – Higher Wages for Employees or cheaper – choose one

Actually what am I saying – once a price rises to a certain level and htey expect a certain amount of profit the price never drops and if it did the government would raise the sin tax to compensate.

Companies on average are paying their employees less on average (accounting for inflation) then just 10-20 years ago – wages are not going to increase – they will rise in sectors – but pay rates across teh board will remain or drop – if the wage of the worker bothers you purchase from smaller companies that treat their employees better – me?  I shop at wal-mart – so take that from my previous statement.

Beer is never again going to be any cheaper then it is today – and you will be able to say that the next day and the next day – as inflation goes up this constant will remain true – another reason I’ve given you to drink as much as you can today – also remember to be environmentally friendly and only drink form kegs.

More tips for justifying your alcoholism can be sent to the address in the previous post.

So I have now giving you the reader a reason to buy beer now and buy it by the keg.   You can always say that you are trying to help the environment and saving money – a win win for you.

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