Google Almost Completely Agrees With My Choice of Mankinds Greatest Accomplishment

January 24, 2008

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On September 18, 2006 I wrote an epic post it seems. The title of the post was Greatest accomplishment of mankind in the modern era. Now you may think this post should have been something epic about computers or fighting polio. It wasn’t. The complete text of the post is this:

Being able to order pizza over the internet.

Now you would think that a post like this would get lost into obscurity. Google on the other hand has some different thoughts.

For the google search mankinds greatest accomplishments I rank 4th. But wait google suggests you try the search mankind’s greatest accomplishments, ok let try that. Once again I rank 4th. Out of curiosity I try mankind greatest accomplishment. I rank freaking 3rd for the search mankind greatest accomplishment. I am almost completely dead on to what Google considers is the top.

Google must agree that being able to order pizza is be mankind’s greatest achievement. Well they had to throw some other results ahead of me, but they almost completely agree with me. I’m using this as ammunition next time that someone argues with me what mankind’s greatest accomplishment is. Google has got my back. If somehow Google ranks this post as number – I’ll know they are no longer shy about agreeing with me.

Props out to Dominos and Papa Johns who have given me mankind’s greatest accomplishment. I was buying strictly from papa john’s online at the time – so I bow before them. Without them Google would never have agreed with me.


For the search greatest accomplishment of mankind I rank number #2.

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