What exactly makes a Child Man?

January 30, 2008

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This is the letter I sent editor Kay Hymowtiz over her editorial The Child Man:

I read your article and you seem to blame modern entertainment with morality and work ethic that is generational and not all the technology’s fault.

Let’s get first to what you don’t like about me, I own 8 game consoles, I blog, I’m into online media, I download music on itunes and listen to podcasts.  This are things that according to you would make me a child man.

What you don’t take into account is that I’m middle class, own a house, 31 years old and have been married for more then 9 years.   To give account on your side I didn’t make it through college – yet I blame Quantum Leap more then video games for that issue.   I’m a professional and as such have grown larger in my video game collecting.   I don’t see this subsiding I also don”t see it changing as I get older.

I would also like to add back in the early nineties I played doom and first person shooters religiously – I don’t play them any longer because they don’t hold my appeal.  Even though I was exposed to violent video games I’m an extreme pacifist and don’t even believe in the death penalty and tend for stronger beliefs on gun control.   So this goes against that video games ruined me.

We’ll go a little it further before you think I’m a fluke – out of the closest friends I have either online or offline – the ones that play video games religiously have higher paying jobs, most of them own their own houses, and a larger percentage of them own their own houses.   To bring it closer to my home my brother has owned his own business for almost a decade now, been married for 3 years, owns a home, and has a child – all at the age of 26.

Most of my friends from my home town that I’ve been friends for over a decade however – 80% of them do not own their own homes – 90% of them don’t own a game console at all beyond possible passive games on the computer, 80% of them are not married and have never been married, and only one of them has a child.    Most of these people don’t have the income to be considered middle class – some of them like it that way, some of them don’t.  Most can’t afford the technology that your spinning is the cause of this life.   Granted most of them want to be young again – back to the glory days.   However income level and motivation are more of the issue then video games or other technology.

While I seem to fit in the categories of what

While I’m at the tail end of Gen-X – I know we were always considered the slacker generation.   What does that make the generation that has come after me.  Is it really my generation of the apathy of yours that has made us this way?  The refusal of your generation to understand us and think that our technology is destroying is the same mentality your grand parents had when they said Mork and Mindy would rot your brain.   Unfortunately in your case it may have.
Apathetically and Man Childishly Yours,

I would have liked to tell you this opened a line of discussion on the downfall of my generation – here is my immediate reply: 

This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification

Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


Technical details of permanent failure:
PERM_FAILURE: SMTP Error (state 13): 550 5.1.1 User unknown

—– Original message —–

It seems there was enough people that didn’t agree with her that she shut off her e-mail account – a coward that can’t even own up to take the medicine that she brought upon herself.  Maybe she’ll learn to think and research next time before she speaks.

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