Click Through Advertising – The Evil Truth

February 4, 2008

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I’m Going to Be Rich….Not!!

While all of us would hope that click through advertising would pay for our home on the beach, for most of us that doesn’t seem to be true. I’ve been using Adsense for about 4 months now and so far the whopping total I have made is $0.11. Now I hope that I don’t spend all of that in one place. Wait a second upon reading the terms of the Adsense account it only starts to pay out when you reach for first $100.00. I guess that this means my great grand kids may be able to buy a candy bar when inflation has caught up to the point of the pay out.

Does This Mean I Shouldn’t Use Click Through Programs?

No, it doesn’t mean that at all. This means you are going to have tailor your site to give you the greatest likelihood of getting click through traffic to work for you. At this moment I’m going to tell you that I don’t have the answers. This is honesty and hopefully we are working on this journey together. Over time we are going to investigate on this on how to make the money you so crave to have. Does craving money make you evil? No, though it shouldn’t be your single goal in life. I never personally thought of Scrooge McDuck as evil, did you?

Why Doesn’t it Work?

Well the honest answer is that sometimes you are too smart for your own good. Do you write pieces that bring in people at your same intelligence level? Do you write a lot about technology and innovation? These really are things that work against you, and more then likely you should move to a page impression based advertising system (I don’t have one that I can recommend to you yet). The reason that it doesn’t work is think about yourself, when was the last time you clicked on an ad and actually purchased something? If your like me probably never or very very low chance. This means if your readers are as intelligent and interested in things that you write about as you are – you are gathering people that are less likely to get ads.

What Can I do Now?

The quick answer is start a new blog with a new focus or re-purpose your existing blog. Instead of dealing with technology or personal interests you should pick topics with a more wide spread appeal. If it’s something you can write about coherently it is never a sell-out approach anymore then you doing the normal 9-5 job. It is providing a service. If you are uninteresting on topics such as mortgages, pet products, or the average income of a laden swallow in India; you won’t get a reader base. If you don’t have a reader base click through ads still won’t work for you.

So I would say your best bet is to write on something that can be monetized to a level you feel comfortable with interacting with people. There is a chance you could start a spam blog based on a typo – but the rewards can be very low. While you’ll hear Internet legends of the squatter that has made millions of dollars off one typo – this really isn’t true. Maybe once upon a time but write now people are fighting over every last penny available online. I think you should maintain and use click-through advertising from which ever company you find is the best fit for you. I can say that it’s not the magic bullet you are hoping for.

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2 thoughts on “Click Through Advertising – The Evil Truth

  1. As for click-through ads being ineffective means of income, I would have to agree. Nobody clicks on Google Adsense ads. A better alternative would be to arrange with specific web companies, such as or Conjunction Junction to advertise real products and services.

    That being said, I disagree with the overall moral of this article. I have found that the most interesting blogs and websites that I go to are also the ones that are the most specific. Being connected to a billion people has allowed me to find strong communities in niche topics. It’s also where I find the most passionate authors. Readers wouldn’t stay at a general, generic blog or site. I would say go with your passion.

  2. I totally agree, but the blogs that make the most money via click through advertising are link bait generic blogs. I don’t agree and I don’t play in that game. I don’t even use any revenue sites for my blog anymore (I may need to check if I’m using them on another site). Regardless it is not a way to make money and get rich. You should be writing for the love it.

    Now if the argument is how to gain regular readership and return visitors, well then I agree with you. A focused blog gains those things, a generic blog makes more revenue. Is it fair, no not at all. I don”t believe in the gold rush mentality that the web will make you rich. Even if you use Amazon you become a type of shill – which for the right things I don’t mind – but it also makes me uneasy at times. So my blog has been mostly revenue free for a couple years now.

    The question is on the interesting blogs that you normally go to, do you click the advertiser links and actually make a purchase?

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