Upgrading to Hardy Heron

February 4, 2008

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So for about the last 2-3 weeks my sound card on my laptop stopped working.  I tried to trace down the path on how I managed to get it working in the first place, but it was a convoluted path and I don’t seem to be able to retrace my steps.   So failing this I decided to upgrade my Gutsy Gibbon AMD64 version of Ubuntu to Hardy Heron.   I didn’t know it was as simple as running “update-manager -d” at the terminal window.

When you  run this command it brings up the normal package updater but states that there is a new version you can ge – also giving the name and the version = Hardy Heron 8.04.  After this choice it then checks for compatibility issues with programs (including some it recommends being disabled on reboot) it also tells me that it dropped support for Nessus.  Personally I find the latter annoying but I’ll live.

Currently I’m waiting another hour and half for all the files to download (1235 to be exact).  I’ll post how it went after it is done.

Until then here is an Ars Technica article about Hardy Heron

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