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February 5, 2008

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This article was originally published over at Journey To Get Paid.

One of our reader’s (rs – or Tom as he’s known non-virtually) read and commented on the article I wrote yesterday about click through advertising. It seems rs is considering a run for a bit of the advertising dollar but has learned through my article that click through traffic is not all that it is cracked up to be. His site “thought socks” is one of the sites that, like my own personal blog, is witty and insightful and generally smart. This also means he may suffer from the lack of click through traffic that I also suffer. Smart techno-literate individuals click on ads less then other demographics of the general population. This doesn’t mean there isn’t hope.

Instead of getting disheartened and giving up (like I stated you shouldn’t do) rs devised a unique method to generate interest in advertising on his blog. He is giving away advertising space for free. Now you may ask if he is giving away the milk why would someone buy the cow? There are many reasons for this but he didn’t post his authoritative reasons I will speculate some logical guesses.

1 . Offering free advertising gives him a track record he will be able to show either the person taking advantage of the free space in the future or another possible contact and turn it it into what they they should expect going forward for impressions.

2. This will allow him to work on growing his readership instead of worrying about making money. This will allow him to becoming a brand that he can market off of later.

3. Getting the right advertisers will be a learning experience for him to get to know expectations on both sides of the advertising fence.

If he manages to make this work correctly he may make it to the point in advertising that most bloggers want – page impressions. Page impressions means you get a small amount of money (usually a few cents or fraction of a cent if your not large enough to command higher dollar) for each person that visits your site and loads the ad. In the next week or so I will be writing more about page impressions. I for one wish rs the best of luck and if my graphic designer had gotten my banner and button ads finished I may have taken advantage of the offer.

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