Asian Gilrs For Dating – WTF??

February 6, 2008

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Ok – I was looking at my site and noticed a new google ad today.  It was a dating site.  At first I was just annoyed that there was a dating site site ad on my page.   I let that go and figured it would refresh soon enough to another ad.  Essentially looking at the small picture here you’ll notice about as much of it as I did:

Looks pretty normal, so whatever right.   Now click the image so you can see it full size.  Some reason the ad grabbed my attention (I blame the annoyance factor again) and noticed that across the top it said “Asian Gilrs for Dating”.   Now I think this is a typo, but I can’t be completely sure.

If it is not a typo – what exactly is a “gilr” or is there technically no plural spelling like deer so “gilrs” works as the singular and the plural?  Are “gilrs” only asian?  Can’t there be hispanic “gilrs”?  What about WASP “gilrs”?   Can you only date them?  Are they good fried up?  Is there a “gilrs” hunting season? What if when they say dating you are supposed to figure out how old the “gilrs” are instead of the assume relationship type of dating?  Can someone tell me how you know how old a “gilrs” is?   Since I’m not positive I know what a “gilrs” is I can’t say for sure I would know how to date one?   Finally why the hell do they have a picture of Asian  Chicks in the ad?   Are the “gilrs” their pets?  If I relationship date a “gilrs” and one thing leads to another will I be arrested for bestiality?   These are all answers I want to know – and I need them now.

If it is a typo – I thank adsense for this comedic moment of my day that brightened it up.   I also think needs better proof readers for their ad copies.

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