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February 11, 2008

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Posted: 10 Feb 2008 11:31 PM CST

Creeva says:

as to someone that has known you for years and has been married for 9 years I can impart this to you. Finding someone shouldn’t be difficult, if it is, it’s not the right person. What is correct for someone is not correct for the other.

If the person you are with is causing heart break and wrenching beyond belief, you need to move on. If the person you run into gives you more joy and light in your life then othewie would be and hte good out weighs the bad, that is the relationship you chase.

The people you are with that may share your bed is not the sum of a relationship, the person that challenges you and helps you to grow is what you foster.

If you allow things to happen naturally instead of chasing after them, it may be easier. This is how it should be. Friendships that grow into relationships can go either way. Once you find out where you want it to go focus on that path, if the other doesn’t want that, reassess, discuss, and decide if it’s time to move.

In this regard this is about the best advice I can give you on the generalities you have posted about. I hope all is well and you find where your soul should be and one day find the mate with whom you are meant to share it.

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