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February 13, 2008

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QotD: The Best Part of Waking Up (krizzz’s blog)

Posted: 12 Feb 2008 07:25 PM CST

Creeva says:

Coca Cola for me also

Overheard in the office (Yod’s Blog.)

Posted: 12 Feb 2008 07:23 PM CST

Creeva says:

been there…done that…..

I caught my cat voxing (Yod’s Blog.)

Posted: 12 Feb 2008 02:58 PM CST

Creeva says:

Don’t give him a digital camera

Tesla: The greatest hacker of all time (Digg)

Posted: 12 Feb 2008 10:37 AM CST

Creeva says:

The more i read about about the more fascinated I become

Re:When will they learn… (

Posted: 12 Feb 2008 09:57 AM CST

Creeva says:

time bandits was done by Terry Gilliam of Monty Python fame

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