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February 14, 2008

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Subject: Re:Fixing the AFK issue…


Posted: 13 Feb 2008 11:37 AM CST

Creeva says:

easiest way – have the client treat a macro as a macro instead of reading it as keyboard entries – this is why macro’s are not subject to timers or autologouts

The more CPU intensive way for SOE for detection and enforcement would be to force teh macros to run server side.

But this and many other options haev been discussed before.

To give a run down – the client can not truly distinguish between a key press and a macro – since the server just receives data from the client it doesn’t know either – this circle has been going on for four years and the easy solution is to modify the way the macros are handled instead of the easy way out they have opened up here.

Re:”Ethernet Cables”? (

Posted: 13 Feb 2008 11:32 AM CST

Creeva says:

maybe they are doing rj-11 – possible RG-58?

Re:This isn’t going anywhere… (undefined)

Posted: 13 Feb 2008 11:30 AM CST

Creeva says:

Token Ring – you mean there is something newer then thinnet with lantastic’s native proprietary protocl? I still waiting for the day I can get to google via netbui

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