New Knight Rider Series As Good As I Hoped

February 18, 2008

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The new Knight Rider series as good as I hoped, before you think that is some fan boy gushing, I only hoped it wouldn’t suck.  It only slightly sucked and there were more good things then bad, so it was neutral and didn’t suck.

Val Kilmer wasn’t too bad as the voice, it was somewhat believable.  They didn’t discredit the past and this is not a retelling.   The new story is about a new KITT (built y the original KITT creator)  driven by Michael Knight’s son.   THey mention it originally being a Trans Am and the “Hoff” showed up to hand down the reigns for the mantle.

Biggest complaint….no turbo boost yet.  It also doesn’t have the original flair or style that is close to my heart as the original.

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