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February 19, 2008

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This seems to have turned into a play of three parts with no resolution of further feedback from the Ashland County Humane Society.  I would link to their web site, but it seems they did not take me up on my suggestion on registering a new domain name after their previous one expired and was taken over by a domain squatter.

It seems they have nothing more to say to me and I think this story is going to end on this post.  From the best I can tell they waited a week before reading my response that I sent them the link to (Webserver logs checking who came from Yahoo Mail if you curious how I knew).  I know some people don’t think I should be pointing out these flaws or complaints.  One friend even told me this via e-mail:

Humane society?

Don’t get into an argument with animal-lovers.  They’re as dense as lead. 

Well I don’t think the Ashland Humane Society or any other organization is “as dense as lead” though I think there are things they can do to help future proof themselves now and increase customer service for the future.  I understand that I’m the only complaint, but the ball always starts rolling for the first person.   I sent them a message on how to do things cheaply and that they would save time.

My main complaint of their partnership with Rascal Unit still has the same wording that started this whole ordeal:

Contact the Ashland Humane Society at 419 2814722 or e-mail to make an appointment for this clinic date in this area.

The only thing I  have asked is to change the wording t:

Contact the Ashland Humane Society at 419 2814722 to make an appointment for this clinic date in this area or e-mail for more information.

This is a minor change and will help alleviate confusing for the technically literate to understand the meanings of the seemingly technically-illiterate.   Trying to narrow the technology divide in the world always starts at the lowest level, whether it be programs like the “One Laptop Per Child” or local community organizations.  Please say what you mean and attend to it.

I’ll keep my readers apprised of the situation but like I said I think this is the end of it.   Too bad I can’t effect change in those who obviously prefer to keep their head in the sand while the world changes around them.

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