Dropped the cats off at the vet this morning

April 11, 2008

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The two males we got back in October(?) were dropped off at the vets on my way to work.   Dante took it quite well and did the trip just fine.   Zedd on the other hand about halfway started frothing at the mouth and being all upset and I couldn’t calm him down.   Then with about 15 minutes of driving left he decided to take a poo on the blanket at the bottom of the crate I was transporting them in.   At this point I pulled the car over yanked out the blanket wrapping the poo on the inside of it and tossed it into the trunk.

By the time we got to the vets the catching pan was full of cat frothings – so I removed that when I got out of the car and placed that in the trunk.   I took the cats into the vet filled out the necessary paper work and looked down.   Dante was drenched all over his back in Zedd’s rabid mouth frothing.   I mention it to the receptionist and the pooing and she reassured me both were normal things that just some cats do.  Maybe he just knew he literally wouldn’t have the balls to do it later.

Boy I sure look forward to picking them up after work…………..

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