WordPress tweaking – is it an addiction?

April 11, 2008

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Ok addiction may be a strong word, but I’m sure some of you understand what I’m getting at.  You spend more time trying out plugins, or finding some very cool functionality that you must try out.  You spend days or at least hours of doing this instead of doing something constructive, like actually writing on the blog that you keep tweaking.

I’m sure the big name blogs have it alot easier since there is alot more change managment involved before adding any plugin and functionality.   They test on their beta internal blogs instead of the public faing ones.   So the readers aren’t enduring the torture.  In a way I would love to be a wordpress tweaks tester, the one that get paid.   Of course I think paid wordpress testers and tweakers are mythical creatures.   I would more likely run into a garden gnome running around asking people to marry him in the mall then I would a paid wordpress tester.

So for those that read that I don’t create content for because I’m playing a brand new crossposting plugin or life caching function.  I apologize.  I would get help but I can’t seem to find the wordpress tweaking anonymous google group.

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