I Don’t Even Consider My Operating System Anymore

April 21, 2008

by — Posted in Technology

I guess that’s the point.   Most people use windows and take for granted what OS they are using.  I however am I bit different.  I move between XP, Ubuntu, and OSX in a seamless fashion.  I do alot of work via the browser so I’m sure that is part of it, but I utilize the application that are suited for their purposes within the individual OS as they are meant to be.

Granted some programs are cross platform, like I use Firefox 3.0 on everything now.  But for the most part I can be with each operating system and work with it’s unique flow.   Sometimes I get privately annoyed that a tool is available for one OS or another, but that gets put aside quickly as I loko for the the right solution for me platform.

Because of this approach I am really looking forward to cloud computing and ubiquitous web interfaces.   I’m not sure the back end matters at all any more as much as it does when the functions are there to get the job done.

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