Mowing the Lawn – What a Waste

April 23, 2008

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I know I’m on a lawn kick (if you didn’t get it from my last post) but I was thinking today at what a waste it truly is to mow the lawn.   It wastes fuel.  It destroys plants that may be beautiful and grow free.  It releases green house gases into the atomsphere.   As good neighbors however, we are expected to maintain a level of lawn care. However with gasoline approaching four dollars a gallon is this still wise.  Isn’t there better things we can do with our time and our money.  What must change in our social norms and order to come up with something else, a better way.

Yes I mowed the lawn earlier tonight so it was at the top of my head and wanted to share. I know deep down most of you don’t care.  However like everything else I write this is for my venting and I’m just hoping you enjoy the insight into myself.

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