Feedburner Finally Integrates With Google Accounts

April 29, 2008

by — Posted in Technology

Earlier I had written that Google really needs to integrate it’s reporting services across the board.  Now I still hope that do unyfi their reporting experience, but it seems Feedburner is going to eb the first to get sucked into the already fractured reporting structure that exists for Google‘s many services.

Earlier today on April 25 Feedburner posted that they were finally going to integrate their service with the standard google account logins.  This means the same account I login into Gmail, Adsense, etc, and etc. will work with Feedburner.   Using this unification I’m hoping that we’ll be able ot finally embed Adsense into out RSS feeds.   I’m also hoping that the reporting (hint hint Google) can be blended in with Web Analytics.

Whether the reporting structure is going to be absorbed or if this will stay a single login structure for the foreseeable future has yet to be seen.   I have hopes though.

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