Mobile Blogging, Is It Possible For Me?

April 29, 2008

by — Posted in Technology

This nokia device will take a bit to get used to, but most the problems stem from fat thumbs. The more I do it the fsster it becomes.

The predictive typing helps a bit and I can say it actually gives me time to think about what I am writing. If I was going to sit at a coffee shop though I think I would carry a bluetooth keyboard with me. This would be great for IM or twitter.

i think I have been won over but I’m still going to wait at least a few days before I order one. I don’t plan on getting a wimax service so that’s not really a selling point for. I do however see this easily becoming my dream “cloud computing” device. A simple and steady web interface that can easily jump onto any wifi hotspot and go.

I also need to check how qik works from this. Yes I did write this whole post on the tiny keyboard, now I guess I know how blackberry users do it.

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