Pieces of Me That Exist in the Cloud

Picture taken from here Mobile computing is becoming my newest fascination.  My previous fascinations included network based storage, network redundancy, and network security.   I enjoy making things do things that they were meant or designed to.   This is part of […]

The Crossposting God Series Part 5 – Myspace

Picture from here Myspace. Myspace. OK, I’ve repeated it a couple times I think I’m ready to actually talk about it.  Unlike some other services where I explain the community and the functions, I’m going to refrain from doing that […]

Going to the Drive-In

Tonight Xie and I went to the drive-in.  The drive-in, America’s greatest past time decades ago.  We were driving looking for a used computer store (which we never found) and stumbled across this drive-in.   WIthin driving distance there are three […]

Hackintosh Failure

So last night I did try to turn my laptop into a hackintosh, and it didn’t turn out so well.  After installation I seemed to have an issue with my video not working (ironic that it works for the installation […]