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May 7, 2008

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Why do you blog?   Are you hear to make a quick buck?   If you have investors in you then you stand to make an immediate living in it.     For the ones that aren’t making their dream income, do you continue writing for the hope of eventually getting a pay day?   Would you still do it if you knew it was never going to come?

The reason I ask is that I noticed one of the sites that I followed last year was in a nomination to being one of the best new blogs.   As of March 25th the site has not seen an update.   I know one of the writers and I haven’t asked him about this, but I do know he is actively working on a new site.

I understand about stoppping when you run out of funding, but do you make a run at something build up equity and leave it hanging?  Your readers none the wiser about what has happened?

I understand blogging can be a business, but one thing your readers want from you is to be informed.   If you disappear and they notice you started another blog without telling them, how long are they going to continue to trust you?

This is the wolf in sheeps clothing, they made thair money and moved on to the next project.  I’m not going to preach that there is anything wrong with that, but I will state that it isn’t the nicest thing to do.

Your opinions?

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