N810 – Day 3 and Counting

May 9, 2008

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So last night was a work in progress/real world scenario time.   I was going to be out with a few hours to kill, and I didn’t take my Mac Book with me.   During my hour commute to work I listened to a couple episodes of “Cranky Geeks” with John Dvorak.   In the afternoon I had to go onto the lab and do some testing with users.  While waiting for the users to show up I decided to take my N810 onto the guest wifi.   While doing that I installed Vim and the GPE suite.   I’m going to be working on getting GPE calender to sync with Google Calender.   I should have realized that vim was a command line only utility since it was a port.  I don’t think I’m going to stay usingit though, I know vim is the more friendly vi, but I have a severe hatred of vi.   I think it’s the difference of growing up with the extremely easy to use Microsoft Edit in DOS that vi seems so hackneyed to me.

One thing that was an issue for me yesterday was I installed the “Camera” application from the repositories.   I installed and saw how a picture would look, then I clicked the folderesque button on the lower right hand side and that locked up my N810.  I tried to hold the power button down that didn’t do anything, after about 5 minutes of waiting I yanked the battery.   In that 5 minutes I went from 75% of my battery to 25%, so whatever happened taxed the hell out of the CPU and storage space.   Needless to say that application is not staying around.

I then went up to Vermilion and met with my sisters and had some pizza, after that I wandered to the local library and decided I was going to attempt to get some work done.   I managed to login to my work’s exchange webmail, I wrote a full blog using maemo-wordpy, and used it happily as an MP3 player listening to my podcasts.   Writing a longer length blog post took some time compared to what it would take with a normal keyboard.   However, I managed to get it done and my typing skills are definetly improving on the N810 keyboard as a whole.

The annoying things I found out yesterday.

  • The Vermilion Public Library’s Public Wifi doesn’t allow IMAP – grrrr no Gmail via Claws for me at that time
  • Canola won’t “save” songs to scrobble at a later time, if it doesn’t have a network connection you are SOL – grrrr – does anyone know if maemo scrobbler will save before submittal?

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