Cable? Twenty-First Century? I Don’t Think So.

May 9, 2008

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At work I just overheard one lady telling another guy to get in the twenty-first century and get cable.   Now it just maybe me, but in my mind cable is very twentieth century technology.   Sure they can gussy it up and take it out to the party by saying “BUT IT’S NOW IN HD!!!!” but cable is still showing it’s age.

If I had to choose what is solidly 21st century technology I wuold say Internet streaming, barring that for mainstream america that doesn’t have access to broadband, satelite technology.   When the last mile issue with broadband is finally addressed and teaken care of streaming media will definetly come to be the norm.    Satelite and cable companies are already overly compressing HD signals to try to squeeze more information into the pipes (air waves) that they distribute across.   People don’t like this as is, so on demand streaming is the solution for this.   You are not going ot be using the same bandwidth, because you’ll stream 1-2 stations into your hous, unlike cable where they are blasting every channel at once and you choose which to watch.   Though streaming is more efficeint and technically uses last bandwdith, it is also take more technology and effort to implement – the old catch 22.

Regardless of what you believe on how media distribution will occur going forward, you have to agree that subscribing to cable can not be considered “getting in the twenty-first century”

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