Garbage Disposals and Doc Martens

May 11, 2008

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This weekend I didn’t get to play with my N810 as much as I had hoped (but the day isn’t over yet.)  I did manage to get a few things done this weekend though.

Yesterday we made it out to the flea market to browse around and hopefully snag a good deal.   Unfortunately since the arrival of e-bay to the main stream, the flea market isn’t as good as it used to be (the same can be said about antique stores), so we didn’t manage to spend any hard earned money.   I’m not really that heart broken.

I was going to transpose some music for my sister, but I though I would run to the music store and pick up something for her to play immediately.   We made it to the music store and for alto saxophone they had 5 booklets of music, and none of them any good.  For trumpet they had one extra book, still nothing of interest.   I guess musicians don’t buy music at the store any more or at least not in northwest Ohio.

Then we got it into our heads that we wanted to buy a pair of Doc Marten boots, ironically these are next to impossible to find these days.  Four malls and many miles on the road and still no Doc Marten boots.   Plenty of Doc Marten shoes (of the same 8-10 styles), but no boots.   On a saturday so far we were coming up dry.

On the way home we stopped at Home Depot and picked up a new garbage disposal.  There was two prices on the thing, one for 99.99 on the display, and 109.00 on the shelf.   We picked one up and headed to the self check-out, and it rang up 109.00.   Now I was more then willing to pay for it at that price, but I wanted to know what the discrepancy was.  We picked it up off the self-checkout (without paying of course) and wandered back towards the appliances.   After managing to hunt someone down in the proper section they came over and looked at the area I pulled the garabage disposal from.     He stated that it was mismarked, since the 99.99 was a sale price they didn’t remove.   They adjusted the price to the 99.99, saving me 9.01 in the process.

When we arrived home we were still on our Doc Marten kick, so I managed to find a web site that had them at a price we were willing to pay – 109.99 for mine and 149.99 for Xie’s which is about 40-50.00 below retail.   When we got the checkout page it asked for a promo code, so I searched online and found a 20% of coupon.   Applying this saved me another 53.00, plus free shipping and no tax.   This leads to believe the purpose of physical retail location is becoming the place you go to get quick buy it now items, or physically check something out before ordering it online.   The new Doc Marten’s are identical to the one’s I wore almost every day for 3-4 years straight.   So I have a strong belief in the durability of Doc Marten’s and think they are worth every penny.

As the night started winding down we started to watch 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.   Xie fell asleep on my chest (I had fallen asleep first.) At a round 11:30 she roused us and said it was time to head up for the bed.   I sat and smoked a cigarette and was immediately wide awake.   At this point I thought I should do something useful so I spent 40 minutes and replaced the garbage disposal.   It seems the last owner of the house didn’t like plumbing very much, the pipes are just kind of pushed together with nothing really securing them. I managed to get htem back together but made a mental I would need to replace at a later date, so my plumbing job is about equal to his, but my wiring is infinetly better since I don’t have exposed wiring showing.

I was sitting down and smoking again and the door bell rang.   I wondered who the heck was ringing the door bell at 12:30 at night so I wandered over and opened the door.  I was ding dong ditched.  Grrrrrrrrrr.  I then took care of the dogs and wandered off to bed.

Today I went and installed magnetic fasteners on the cabinet doors, our cats are too smart for their own good.  This should keep the cats out of the cupboards.  One of them still has a problem with eating a pack of cigarettes a day, we’re getting better at putting them out of his reach when we go to bed though.  Last night he dug through Xie’s purse and pulled the pack out, at that point he then proceeded to dine.   I’m just waiting for him to get into the rum.

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  1. It looks like you snagged a great deal with your Doc Martins. I've heard the same comment in other places about trying something on at a store first to get the right size and then buying it online for the savings

    Good move!

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