I Hate Coming Up With Ideas That I Can’t Google How To Do

May 12, 2008

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I’m a geek.   There is no doubt or question about that.   We’ve established this now, let’s move forward.   I had a great idea today.  I was going to hook up a bluetooth adapter to my windows file server at home and make a blue tooth file server at home.   I also wanted to be uber geeky and send a welcome message via blue tooth to any new blue tooth devices that came within range.


It seems that no one has really made a bluetooth file server.   If I had access to such a server I could browse it from my Nokia N810 (yes I know I can already browse via TCP/IP – go back to where I said I’m geek), I could also pull pictures automatically off my cell phone when it was in range, and then have those pictures automatically upload to Flickr.   I could sync new ring tones on my cell.   But it seems that no one has really built a blue tooth file server, at least not on windows.

I know this idea may seem farfetched, but I can find out how to tether a cell phone to my dog that will send me me GPS updates via twitter and google maps data in a ton of different places (all for 30.00 a month).  I can have my plants send me an SMS message when they need watering.   I can build my own electric induction field to charge my cell phone battery.   To install a bluetooth file server on windows – I must be insane, or so the google return stats tell me.

I know the full geek out there would drop down and write a new bluetooth stack via assembler and crosscompile it via a web interface so it was cross platform, I however am not that geek.

I think I may have to go crawl under a rock now until I can figure out how to get my cupboard to twitter it’s down to it’s last pop tart.

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