Yes I Will Join Your Social Network, I am not logging in though….

May 14, 2008

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Last night I got in a discussion with Xie on how my crossposting and data centralization to data broadcast system works.   I was sad, I built a big flow chart with arrows and everything.   I’ve gone over enough times on all the sites I crosspost too, so the what, when, and how is not due to be written about again for the next two months.    My concern right now is why.

The easiest way is that I don’t want my friends to be forced to choose which social network I do to.  Some of them have however forced me into making choices of which ones I use to get updates on them.  If someone leaves me a comment on a service I can’t import them into my blog, then I get an email notification.   I will login once or twice a month on some of them, just to see updates from friends, but most of my friends are lazy so I don’t miss much.

Looking at myspace pages hurts my eyes and insults any integrity I have for sensibility of web design.  Facebook is too busy and a mish mash of everything.  All other servives usually fall into these areas.   It’s not like I don’t want to have a place in your walled garden, but I would prefer to just send you my information.   I don’t want to go there manually and import or create it.   I have my own tools for creation, design, and placement.   I’ve spent money on these tools (domain name, hosting, flickr), I don’t need your tools.   You are insulting me but saying I can’t bring my toys over to play.   Well I just don’t come over or create any content for you at all.   If I was popular that would mean my friends would leave your service and go where I do intereact and I can play with my toys.   You welcome to come play.   If you know of an online service that allows me to send notifications in via some method other then physically going to the site, send me an invite and I’ll come join.

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