The Crossposting God Series Part 1 – The Introduction

May 21, 2008

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I’ve mentioned in passing in the past that I do crosspost across the interwebs.   I’ve stated before, yet I’ll mention it again for this series that I do it so readers can access me where they want.  Yesterday I posted that I was making it a goal of mine to see how many possible services.  Since I’m doing this I figured that could I get my information to my readers on how to do this, the why is a little toughter to answer.  While this information could theoretically be used for spam blogs, I’m in the sincere hope that you do it to keep in touch with your friends.

Crossposting did start out as keeping in touch with friends in other services so I didn’t have to login into them.   Very truly there are only a handful of web services that I truly interact with, I’ll leave comments or talk to users when I actually do login, but the path where I create original content on is quite narrow.   My blog (where you may be reading this) of course is my primary outlet where I write, the secondary service I use incessantly is twitter.   Pictures and movies of course have a completely different avenue of entries into the interwebs, but I do so much more when it comes to text.   Through the course of this series I will be covering text, video, audio, and meta data crossposting.

Later today I will be starting with crossposting to Vox and from there I’ll write an article per service, there will be some overlapping on techniques to get data into a service, but I won’t be using the same technique on the same day.  So if I use e-mail crossposting as a method, the next will be either RSS entry or a helper site.   I won’t be releasing all of my secret sauce, but just enough of it so you should be able to figure out the missing pieces for yourself.

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