Tonight I’m Trying To Make My Laptop A Hackintosh

May 23, 2008

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So most you know that I was running Ubuntu Hardy Heron, but during some patching I hit some data corruption that caused my laptop to go all screwy.  The first thing I noticed was the touchpad stopped working.   Um….ok.   Then I was getting errors on boot up, more or less when I logged in some packages kept crashing and wouldn’t restart.   Upon trying to fix and reinstall packages I managed to loose gnome and then I couldn’t do anything.

I did manage to get into the laptop last night with a Hardy Heron live DVD, after getting i I setup an FTP server and managed to save everything I cared about in my home directory.  With this migration and the thought that I’m going to have to reinstall Linux anyways (yes I could sit down for more hours and repair the ubuntu installation, but I’m originally a windows guy I’ve saved my data it’s quicker at this point to format/reinstall),  that I would try to get OSX working on my laptop.   I have heard with the Intel GMA video driver there is some mouse artifact issues, but I didn’t notice any problems when I booted up the install DVD (this was when I was trying to decide my course of action and before I saved the data).  Since I’ve read that the wifi works now, and the toushpad and audio should work, I don’t really give a care to the fact that the built in web cam might not work.

I’ve been using my work Mac Air most the time at home and figured it is time to take a plunge to try to go more OSX based.  I’m going to try to dual boot between OSX and Ubuntu, but I think that’s mostly to stick around for gnome conduit since that’s the only unique app worth me sticking around for.   I do have it running on my n810 and I’ll still have linux on there, so I’m it’s not like I’m running.  It’s like I’m experimenting around.

So after I’m done I’ll let you know how successful I am.

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