Hackintosh Failure

May 24, 2008

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So last night I did try to turn my laptop into a hackintosh, and it didn’t turn out so well.  After installation I seemed to have an issue with my video not working (ironic that it works for the installation screens).  I futzed with it for awhile and since have given up on it.    I’m willing to work around issues and change my methodogy to do something becuase I’m not using it the way it’s supposed to be used (part of the mantra of everything I do – My old home network used to have 16 PC’s on it).  I can only go so far in futzing before it’s more a nuisance and get’s in the way of getting things done.

After following the Kalway steps that should have enabled to work, I relented and went back to Ubuntu Hardy Heron 64 Bit – a fresh install (plus the addition of 2 GB of ram) has mad it more “peppy” then it was before.   I guess my next step will be working on getting VMware working so I can get the couple windows programs (Finale) that I want to work with running on my laptop.   One great thing about a fresh install is that Ubuntu detected my wireless NIC right away – that took a couple hours to get working when I first installed Gutsy Gibbon.

Xie had been having issues with Vista and we salavaged her data and loaded Ubuntu on her laptop as well.  She remarked to me that it seemed to simple.   I explained how complex do you need your operating system to appear?  We’ll see how it goes with her, if she likes it, and if she’ll stick with it.   She has become a bit more like me in the belief of the cloud computing dream and as long as the browser functions as well she’ll learn to work around everything else.

I can say that I did have mixed feeling migrating to OSX since I wouldn’t be able to test Gnome Conduit anymore (except the N810 port), which would make it alot harder for me to work on documentation.   Regardless it seems I’m now a linux for life type of guy, though it’s not like I don’t have an XP desktop 5 feet away from me, a 2k3 server in a basement, a first gen mac mini in the next room hooked to the TV, and my work assigned Mac Book Air next to this laptop.   Maybe since the N810 is linux based I should have done a BSD on this laptop?   I do think I’m very comfortable switching between OS’s and machines.

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