Going to the Drive-In

May 25, 2008

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Tonight Xie and I went to the drive-in.  The drive-in, America’s greatest past time decades ago.  We were driving looking for a used computer store (which we never found) and stumbled across this drive-in.   WIthin driving distance there are three drive-ins that we know about, this one happened to be playing the new Indiana Jones movie and Iron Man, neither of which we had seen.

We killed time for a couple of hours and got there just as the line was forming.   We did sneak in some food, but also bought beverages and candy from the concession stand.  The admission was 5.00 and I thought that was a decent price, hence hte concession stand purchases.

There has always been something special about the drive-in for me, my parents took me there quite a bit as a kid.  I remember defintely seeing The Last Star Fighter and Ghostbusters at the drive-in with my parents, and as a teenager I went to quite a fwe more shows.   There is somehting about having the freedom to talk, smoke, or make noise and watch a movie.   If you get a chance  make sure you get to your local drive-in, it’s a dying item in the world we live in now.

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