Catching Up

June 6, 2008

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You would think that 48 hours away from the Interwebs would be easy.   That catching up would be no big deal.  Well not really.

Upon finally bringing myself to login, it wasn’t as bad as I thought but took a few hours to catch up. 858 unread feeds to wade through – this took two sessions.  Emails – 84 unread email threads – with about 150 unread emails – these are all ones that have made it through my filters and some I could immediately dismiss, but then again I’ll have a load of work email to tear through on Monday.

My blog had unread comments that I needed to reply to, I had to go through and check stats, myspace messages to reply to, livejournal and vox comments to read.  After 4-5 hours I’m now just caught up with all of my day to day Internet activities.


I still have almost 30 draft posts I need to wade through.

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