Twitter Leaves My Friends Wondering Where I am.

June 8, 2008

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There is a group of six of us that exchange multiple e-mails on a daily basis.   I removed myself from the Internet for a couple days last week, and the last message I left on twitter was the fact I was at the hospital ( a family member was getting a procedure).   When I finally managed to get back to the real world (meaning my online life :P ) and catching up with email this is the thread I waded through (alternating between bold and italic to denote each email):

And I checked Brent’s twitter, and he was in the hospital yesterday…. I hope everything is ok.

Holy Moly……any idea what for?

He’s hasn’t Twitted since the one yesterday

Can he get his email on his phone?  Or IM?  I don’t have his cell number…..

I hope he is ok

As a big Adam Sandler fan, I cracked up at this post:

tweet, tweet, tweet, all day long, tweet, tweet, tweet as I sing this song. Shampoo is better – no conditioner is better

Isn’t that kind of the point of Twitter – some one get a hold of him!

Twitter is for him to update only.  We cant’ post to his account….

I hope everything is ok too…

And damn him for actually showing some sort of use for internet social networking !!!!

/shake fist in air

I do enjoy that I have shown them the actual point of social networking.   There were more emails but most of those concern tracking down my contact info (beyond e-mail) and a theory that the whole thing was a hoax.   I am glad some of my real friends actually read my twitter messages (says I’m not speaking to just bots), but what does this say for social networking?  I forgot to update a bit more detail so friends worried.  I also should have told the people I’m in constant digital contact with a warning that I was going MIA for awhile.

For those wondering since I’ve stated before that I don’t use SMS with twitter, what I did use was Jott to act as an intermediary.  I called Jott up and then it transcribed my voice messages into tweets.  A perfect scenario for someone who never uses all of his minutes.

Let this be a lesson to all of you – make sure people understand your tweets to some degree otherwise your causing undo worry to your digital life.

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