The Incredible Hulk Movie – It Was Incredible

June 14, 2008

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I really wish I didn’t have such a cheesy title, but the movie was incredible.  Unlike the movie released a couple years ago this movie actually felt like the Incredible Hulk (granted when I saw the last one the CGI wasn’t finished but the story and acting still sucked).   Edward Norton played proper homage to the Bruce (David) Banner character made famous by Bill Bixby.  A lot of his acting and character motivation literally felt like Bill Bixby and I could have asked for anything better.

There was the correct amount of inside jokes going around also – from the Stan Lee to Lou Ferrigno cameos which were both excellent to the opening montage of the movie which essentially was a remake of the 1970’s show opening.   There was a nice amount of side stuff like a comment about purple pants and hte fact that in the end he receives a package to D. Banner.   This would be a nod to the fact that (according to Stan Lee) the Studios thought Bruce sounded to homosexual so they renamed him David in the show (*roll eyes*).

The one thing they got right once we jump from Edward Norton’s Banner to the CGI Hulk is that the Hulk felt right.  There was enough anger and pain that he truly was the hulk.  Granted the CGI could have been better, but the character felt right, at no point did I feel that it wasn’t the Hulk, or think “The Hulk wouldn’t do that”.

I know I am beginning to sound like a fan-boy gushing away, but the movie was just incredible.  I went in with low expectations and thinking it might be slightly better then the movie made a few years ago, because of Edward Norton’s involvement.  What I came out with was the surprise and joy of seeing what felt like a continuation of the 1970’s TV show I loved as a child.

For a little side story while I loved the Hulk TV show as a kid, when he changed from Banner to the Hulk the transformation scene scared the hell out of me.  I used to go hide behind the couch until he was done transforming and would then come back and watch.

Better then Iron Man (which Tony Stark does have a cameo in the Hulk) and better in the Indiana Jones sequel, the Hulk so far is my pick for movie of the summer, but there are many movies yet to come.

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