The Vermilion Fish Festival – Beer Tents and Carebears

June 16, 2008

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Saturday we wandered up the Fish Festival to see what was going on.  Over the last couple years it’s been a 30 minute walk through and leave affair, there really has been no reason to go other then it’s in our cursed Vermilion blood.   THis year however was a different affair all together.

As we wandered through I got grabbed into the beer tent from somone I hadn’t seen in at least 6 years.  From there person after person I knew came in and chatted for a minute.   We got to spend some time with Carebear88088 who managed to come into town for two weeks, and we only had spent a limited time with her before she left.

We all managed to be civil and get along even though alot of the old rivalries between this person and that still exist.  Sometime I wonder if we’re all going to grow up and if we did when did it happen.   Not that it matters in the grand scheme, we all barely keep and touch and manage to get together for this one day like it’s almost a gathering of lost souls who they also felt a strange calling to gather in this town once again.

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