My Pablo Defendi Print Of Little Brother Arrived

June 19, 2008

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Yesterday my art print from Pablo Defendi arrived.  I had gotten this copy for the cost of shipping (I slipped him a little bit extra) and being one of the first responders to comment in his giveaway thread.  The original frame I got for it was too large so I had to pick up a smaller one.   Here is the unboxing (you can click all the images to see higher res on my flickr stream).

The print arrived in an unassuming Fedex package, I was giddy though……

Inside the Fedex package it was wrapped again in paper – excitement building…….

It was taped on the back after being folded over all four sides.  I took extreme caution taking off the paper afraid I would accidentally tear in too deep and damage the print.

The first picture of the print that shows off my non-existent camera focusing skills

A better view of the print unwrapped.  My focusing seems to have gotten better.

In the corner it has the print number, mine is 13 out of 20.  Lucky 13 for me.

Pablo even signed and put the year on it in the right hand corner.

It the center he even put down the print name “Little Brother”.

My personal thank you to Pablo.  I will love this print for all time.  You all have to look at the weird guy holding the sign.

Same weird guy, holding a different sign.   Thank you Cory Doctorow for writing “Little Brother“.

My picture showing the motto of the movement used at the end of the book.   Unfortunately under this scenario I can not be trusted, but then again I’m not sure I should be, so maybe it’s right.

I would like to give a sincere thank you to Pablo for the art work and I would like to encourage everyone that visits my site to head over to his and support him.   I also encourage to everyone to go purchase Little Brother or at least download it and read it from Cory’s site.  So far I’ve gotten one other person to read it and they thought I was dead on for the recommendation.  You won’t be disappointed.

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