Finding Friends From School

June 24, 2008

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In the last year I’ve started rolling in more of my high school, college, and for lack fo a better description “real life mundane” friends into my online social profiles.   Mostly in the past I’ve kept it down to current co-workers and friends I was an actively engaged with and friends from the online video games I used to play.  On the surface there is a simple reason for this, most people from high school I didn’t like.  I don’t need to play the “hey great to see you, what are you up to, why have we never talked since high school discussion”.  They seem to forget that we didn’t talk when we were in high school.

Now I have friends from elementary school in my Myspace and Facebook friends list.   Last night my college room mate (and other college friends) showed up on facebook finally.   My college room mate had managed to stay very quiet for well over a decade online and I hadn’t been able to track him down.  I’m still waiting for him to actually accept my friend invitation, but as far as I know we didn’t leave on bad terms.

I wrote the other day about being grown up, everyone is now old married, has kids…the whole gambit.   I wonder if they all feel as young as I do and still feel the same as I did in my early twenties.  Maybe they do.

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