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July 2, 2008

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Remember to the old days?  When you could launch a blog and just start writing?  When you just hoped and prayed someone would come and read your stuff (ok I still do that).  These days however it takes a bit more self promotion.  I already managed to snag a domain name otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.   However there are a few more things I need to secure until the blog is fully up an operational (then I can go take that Princess Leia – how does your precious Alderaan look now? – (too much?)).

I need to:

1.  Set up a proper e-mail address

2.  Setup a Twitter account

3. Setup the blogfeed to post to the twitter account

4. Setup a baby status twitter account so the short and sweet updates can be in one place for family and friends and not buried in my mindless tweets.

Then we can start the shameless self promotion of ourselves – is that shameful self promotion – ask my friends I say it’s former they tell me it’s the latter.

If you are reading this on then be warned you are only getting half of the story.  I will be crossposting all of my own writing over to, but I won’t be taking any of the other blog authors stuff over.  This means you are doing yourself a disservice by not going to Parent Phobia directly.

I would recommend subscribing to the Parent Phobia feed at first, then visiting the site regularly through the week.   Once the Twitter account is up I would recommend adding that as a twitter contact.

As things get in place I will be posting regular updates and I highly recommend you get back to the main site and read Xie‘s stuff she is going to post on Parent Phobia since I’ve read some of what she is working on and it’s truly great and personal writing.

If any readers have a suggestion of something else we can add please let us know – and no we are are not creating a myspace account for you to friend.

Original From: Parent Phobia Blog To-Dos

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