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July 2, 2008

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I always enjoy putting the first post on a new blog.   Something about it being exciting and new.   We don’t know for sure where this is going to go, but we hope to share our journey with you.  Pregnancies and baby’s in general are a hard thing to go alone on.   In this new web world we live in everything is shared, commented on, re-purposed, and passed around.  Over the last couple years I’ve been living these thoughts in mind and trying to live with the ideal of saving as much information as possible.   Parenthood and the trials and tribulations that go with it should be no different.

Life is a precious thing that shouldn’t be taken for granted.   Parenting is another special thing.  How do you raise your child properly?  What do you do when X happens and you want to make sure Y is the outcome?  How do you postpone the time period when your child hates you and wants nothing to do.  How do you share these experiences with your child and make them an active part of what you are involved with?  Everyone has an answers.  In the grand scheme of things everyone also has some correct answers and some blatantly wrong ones.   We are going to share with you what is happening and our thoughts and ideas.

I wont’ say we have the answers, since it’s more likely we will have questions.   We will have opinions and thoughts and some answers, though they may not necessarily be the correct ones.  I hope this blog does give you something to think about, comment on, and pass around though.   Welcome to our journey and I’m happy to share it with you.

Original From: Welcome to Parent Phobia

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