If You Are Unsure of How to Use Quotation Marks – Don’t Do It

July 10, 2008

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I received an interesting work email today.   While I can not share with the contents of said e-mail, what I can say is the person writing it wasn’t familiar with certain technologies enough to write about them authoritatively.  It seems some people don’t “realize” the “effect” that using quotation “marks” can have on your writing when it is “read” by someone else.

Like the Flickr photo from above:

“Quality” accessories you can afford!!

Reads much different then:

Quality accessories you can afford.

You have a wink wink nudge nudge connotation.   I’m sure we would never thought the president was misinformed if he had said we were “looking” for “weapons of mass destruction” in Iraq.  I can say you can have fun with this though.

A Ford is a “reliable” car.

I’m a “serial killer” and I’m about to “dismember” you.

“I’m” a “moron” with little “pronunciation” experience, but I’m “getting” better at “it”.

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