And More Announcements About the Pregnancy

July 15, 2008

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Original From Parent Phobia : And More Announcements About the Pregnancy

Every time it seems we are done and all the announcements that Xie is pregnant pass through the cracks, another one comes up.  This time around it’s a local community band that I play with and an announcement is being put out in their regular newsletter.  I put in all the relevant info and of course I mentioned to get all the latest and gory details.

With this I do realize that I haven’t made the announcement to all my aunts and uncles yet ( and I have more then two).   I’m sure there is other relevant people that haven’t been informed.   I know some of my ex-co-workers follow my blog or via twitter or some such social network device so they are at least passively in the loop.  I’ve announced on a forum with all the ex-Star Wars Galaxies players I used to play with.   Most of my closer friends should follow the same route as my ex-co-workers.   My current co-workers, well some know, some don’t – I haven’t been shouting it from on top of the roof tops.  I don’t want to be that guy.

The guy that will pull out a baby picture every five minutes.   The guy that tells you about every little burp their baby made the night before.  The guy that complains all day about the baby throwing up on him the night before.  I’m not that guy – at least not verbally.   I’m sure over the time I will be blogging about all of these things and more, but that’s different.  I’m broadcasting the information, but the people don’t have to tune and listen.  They can passively parse the information they receive by going to my blog or Xie’s blog or parent phobia or any social networks I crosspost to.   Getting information about me is easy.   Why should I scream something uncomfortably down someone’s throat.

If I’m asked about something related to the pregnancy or the baby afterward I’m sure I’ll have a lot to say.   I just don’t want to be the one to bring it up first outside of the immediate family.   I hope all of you reading appreciate that I’m doing it this way.

Original From Parent Phobia : And More Announcements About the Pregnancy

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