Stupid Spammed Everyone on My E-mail List

July 19, 2008

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It seems that hi5 doesn’t use the same friend finding connections method that other sites do.   Because of this I accidently spammed over 700 invites to people that I know personal and professional.  I’m not going to send out another e-mail as a retraction.  It still is a pain in the ass.

Normal social network searches your contacts list and finds people that you know already on the service.  This is all fine and dandy.   Then when you click ok it then lists your friends not on the service and wants to know if you want to invite them.  At this point on all other services I click no.   Hi5 however hid what is normally the second page option down at the bottom of the screen and then proceeded to spam everyone on my contacts list.

I feel like an idiot – but live and learn.

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