I Can’t Link To Your Web Site? Man Your Retarded.

August 8, 2008

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The other day I ran across a corporate link site that had a link on it that said “linking”.  It had a form you could fill out to be “authorized” to link to their site.   How retarded is that.  In this day and age where the meta and meat (same letters, HA!) of a web page is included in how many links, who links, and how your page is found, that someone would actually have this as their policy.

I understand deep linking, and why that could be wrong in some circumstances ( I don’t believe it’s wrong but I understand the logic) – the logic is completely lost on me for a site that is neither salling anything directly on their site and has no advertising.  You are not robbing them of anything.  Maybe you won’t see the “experience” they had planned for you, but that’s poor design on their part.  I shouldn’t go to a random website for an “experience”, I want the information plain and simple.   I don’t want your over the top flash animation that I look furtively around the screen hoping to skip through.  Heck if they have a flash intro page I normally won’t stick around.   If they have the choice between a high bandwidth or low bandwidth version (which in and of itself screams that you stopped learning good design 10 years ago), I always opt for the low bandwidth version.

Just a rant.

Get with the times people.

P.S. I’ll just link to you anyways cause I’m evil like that.

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